FORE & Associates, Inc.
Innovative Project Management and Conference Planning Solutions


Our project experience includes:

Event Planning Management Services

Whether a training class, product launch, sales seminar, or a special event – it often requires several steps that can result in a time-consuming, resource-intensive and high cost planning. From material preparation, schedule coordination through event implementation, FAI will provide a more streamlined process for project management. The end result ~ faster time-to-market!

Coordinate and Manage Internal/External Planning Advisory Boards

FAI will develop, manage and grow critical customer relationships, partnerships, and alliances to heavily influence your company's / conference competitive standing and experience powerful bottom-line benefits. Get closer to your customers; Increase customer retention; Grow revenue; and Accelerate event and program initiatives.

Develop Strategic Plans - Execute and Manage Fundraising Campaigns

For the best fundraising campaign for your group, discover the campaigns with the best profit ratios, and uncover a wealth of resources. FAI will create a short or long-term fundraising plan to provide staff and board and a comprehensive road map for building sustainable financial resources; Assist with and develop fundraising committees, fundraising events, and personal solicitation; Seek opportunities to highlight issues and events that advance your issues or improve your image; and Develop and execute strategies to recruit, renew, and upgrade your donors.